Sunday, January 9, 2011


Day by day ! a scary day for me .. when I feel this time is so worrying for me .. I need to be patient
so now what should i do ? adesss .. pnink nyerr pale aq .. ble aq pk .. adakah result aq trok .. Oohhh !! not possible at all .. asl aq pk sgt ny sal result aq .. aduyaaiii ....semangat tol aq ny .. hahaa :D ehh2 ,, aq mst kne pk sal result aq ,, pntg bg aq .. ^__^ .. mis wt kn aq bimbang .. mne x nyerr ,, sbject DATA COM sowg je pat "A" adess,, siapakah orang itu .. ?? betul2 berdebar2 da aq ase ny .. apew y aq trget capai x ekk ?? adesss .. HEADACHE ! adesss ,,, mkin crazy lol aq ny ask pk je .. that why la aq pk .. about my result .. adess GILA GILA GILA :D apew mau jd sama aq ny ekk .. whateva la yng pntg aq da usaha .. hope dapat la apew y aq trget okies .. aq mst bole .. huhuhu .. 
advice from the self : do not be lazy .. hahahahahaa :D 

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